ABS Transitions EIBI program focuses on providing support that allows children to reach their individual potential and may include communication skills, social play, behavioral goals, identify skill deficits, music therapy & 1:1 and small group therapies.

Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention with our qualified and credentialed team ensures each child’s success from initial assessment to comprehensive treatment planning & intervention

Your Child May Qualify:

– Ages 2-7

– Diagnosis of Autism or other Behavioral Health Diagnosis

Music Therapy

Music therapy is an established healthcare profession in which non-musical goals such as
communication, motor, emotional, and cognitive skills are achieved through the modality of music.
Music therapy can benefit those of all ages and all levels of needs. Before starting music therapy
services, a board-certified music therapist will provide an assessment to evaluate each client and their responses to music. If music therapy services are deemed appropriate, individualized goals will be
created based on the client’s needs, values, and preferences. Music therapy uses client preferred music and meets the client where they are in the moment to create the most therapeutic and effective