ABS Transitions provides community-based services wherever needed: in-home, at school, or in the community.  ABS Transitions’ services are unique because we merge traditional behavioral health interventions with ABA(Applied Behavior Analysis) procedures to better meet the needs of our clients.

Medicaid/Outpatient Services– The following services can be provided in the home, school or community:

Therapeutic & Positive Behavior Support Services:

Our BCBA’s will develop a Positive Behavior Support Plan which prescribes positive interventions to teach, model, and reinforce appropriate functionally-equivalent behaviors to reduce or replace the identified maladaptive behaviors. Our team will collect data on target behaviors, implement the plan with the consumer, and model the plan for the caregivers, teachers, support staff and other individuals that will be following the plan on a daily basis.

Parent Training

ABS Transitions will conduct parent training workshops to discuss behavioral principles or specific interventions for target behaviors that need to be modified, increased or decreased by the client. Parents will be given training materials for review, as well as intervention tools to employ.

Social Skills Therapy & Counseling

Our team will implement a social skills curriculum to address the consumer’s deficit social areas, such as identifying social boundaries, thinking empathetically, starting conversations, making and maintaining friendships and many other skills. The support professional may also utilize other behavioral strategies including direct modeling of target skills, role play scenarios, video modeling or social stories.

Daily Living Skills Training

As appropriate, the Behavior Analyst will create a treatment plan that outlines the targeted daily living skills, including skills needed for success at home, a vocational site, in the community, and/or at school.  Scientifically-based teaching principles will be used to teach the consumer these skills.

ABA/Behavioral Consultation includes many of the following services:

Functional Behavior Assessment

A Behavior Analyst will complete an FBA to establish the functions of maladaptive behavior(s) that impede in the student’s academic, social, or daily functioning. An FBA consists of interviews with caregivers, teachers, and other adults that come in contact with the student when he/she is exhibiting the problem behavior(s), direct observations by the behavior analyst and other team members.

Parent/Provider Training

Training for the parent that is specific to the Behavior Plan developed for the client. Parent/caregiver training is essential for the long term success of a Behavioral Treatment Plan.

ABLLS and AFLS Assessments

The Behavior Analyst will assess the consumer’s baseline abilities based on their age and level of functioning. These assessments are used as a curriculum guide and skills-tracking system by the behavior analyst for on-going skills instruction.

Discrete Trial Instruction

Based on the results of the ABLLS assessment, the Behavior Analyst will create a treatment plan that outlines the deficit skills that the consumer should acquire. Scientifically based teaching principles will be utilized to teach the consumer new communicative, academic, behavioral, and social responses.

Day Treatment

Day Treatment is an intensive service available to children who are assessed as needing a structured therapeutic environment.  ABS Transitions provides a program that consists of a scheduled series of structured, face-to-face therapeutic sessions organized to meet the goals on the client’s individualized plan of treatment.